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We're industry leading tech executives who provide hands-on support to a select group of promising companies.

"We know that quarterly board meetings and ad-hoc emails don't move the needle. Our model is to be a part of the team - we believe that big dreamers paired with industry leading experts is the recipe for success. From hiring engineers to launching globally - our team of industry leading Product Management, Artificial Intelligence, Design, and Engineering experts are committed to getting our hands dirty."

Robbie Goldfarb

Managing Partner

We've turned building visionary tech into a science.

Big ideas are only half the battle - we help make them a reality. Our hands-on, battle-tested approach helps big thinking founders execute on their vision.

Step 1

Establish The Dream For Your Product

Set The Vision
Define Goals
Crystallize The Pitch

Step 2

Create A Plan To Achieve This Dream

Research & Insights
Build The Roadmap
Create A Winning UX

Step 3

Execute On Your Plan With The Right Tools

Build Your Team
Establish Your Process
Measure, Learn, and Iterate

Give our guides & templates a try.

Our collection of guides & templates has been used to build hugely successful products and companies. They make it easier to “build products right”.

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  • Strategy & Roadmapping
  • User Experience
  • Process & Execution
  • Org Building

Strategy & Roadmapping Template

This template walks you step-by-step through how to develop a strategy for your company and translate that into an actionable set of roadmap projects for your teams to work on. We recommend revisting this exercise quarterly.

Weekly Update Template

Sending out a weekly update is an easy way to keep everyone in the loop and the positive momentum going. This template optimizes for both sharing updates and fostering good culture (with shout outs).

Product Brief Template

This template guides you step-by-step how to take your product idea and carry it through Product, Design and Engineering (and can also help to track and communicate progress). We recommend having a brief (even if lightweight) for *all* projects.

Product Development Process Template

Does it feel like things are moving too slow? Or maybe that you're not getting the most out of your team? Following some or all of our recommended product development processes can make sure you're doing things right.

Hiring and Managing Product Roles

Product roles (PMs, Designers, Engineers, Researchers, etc.) can be tricky to hire for because these are roles that require mastering both a science and an art. Our approach to hiring for product roles outlines rubrics for evaluating product roles and a set of recommended interviews for hiring.

PM Job Description Template

A simple template for a PM job description / posting! We took a look through hundreds of postings and tried to optimize for something that hits all the important points but still remains punchy and eye-catching.

User Journey Mapping Templates

We talk a lot with our companies about understanding their user and customer journey - and where the 'magic moments' are along the way. This can be a valuable input to strategy and roadmap planning as well as for figuring out how to approach certain projects.

Product Playbook Template

There's no one right way to do Product (in fact, that's part of the fun of it!), but this playbook template provides a blueprint (and some suggestions) for how to do everything from A to Z. It covers strategy, roadmapping, process, research, and more.

Quick Planning Exercise

This is a very quick exercise to define goals and next steps for a product area or even a whole company. We often recommend this exercise as a starting point for companies that already have some degree of clarity and momentum.

Setting Up Your Product Teams

This is your one stop shop to setting up your product development teams. We talk about the different types of teams and employees, and how to set each up for success.

PM Evaluation Rubric

This is meant to be a simple snapshot of what performance expectations look like for a PM over time. Use as-is or work with us to further customize it for your company.

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Visorboard Virtual Advising

  • We offer our Product services on a one time or ongoing basis charged at a fixed hourly rate.
  • On-Demand Expert Support
  • Exclusive Startup Resources
  • Weekly Live Calls
  • Experts Embedded On Your Team
  • Option For Equity Only Arrangement

Revise Venture Group

  • We engage in an equity partnership with select companies in exchange for ongoing, hands-on Product services.
  • On-Demand Expert Support
  • Exclusive Startup Resources
  • Weekly Live Calls
  • Experts Embedded On Your Team
  • Option For Equity Only Arrangement